Pure Planet's Promise

Pure Planet products are pure, non-GMO and 100% natural. We use no binders, fillers, excipients or flow agents. Our products never contain pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind.

All Pure Planet Products are Soy-Free and Vegan

We created Pure Planet to provide everyone access to world-class plant based nutritional products that could change their lives. The owners of Pure Planet have a long history of creating superior health products based upon the belief that the planet and mother nature provide everything the human body needs to live a long life free of disease.

Recent research into “super foods” that act as metabolic activators are revolutionizing the way Americans look at the relationship between lifestyle and disease. Pure Planet promotes vibrant health and longevity by providing products composed of synergistically combined super foods that are carefully selected to nourish at the cellular level, activating your metabolism and boosting your immune defense.

At Pure Planet we promote anti-aging and believe everyone should live a long healthy life free from suffering and disease. We believe true health radiates from within as a reflection of vitality. We teach anti-aging techniques! The holistic techniques we have mastered have an amazing rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

Pure Planet products help to re-activate the body by providing foods with high nutritional density and low caloric value, which is the exact opposite of our current American diet. We believe internal supplementation with our specialized whole food formulas gives everyone the opportunity to achieve radiant health for life.

The Original Whole Food Company

We are over 20 years in the making, providing whole food supplements, raw food and organic food. We fought for and helped established organic standards Oregon Tilth. We have been presenting our philosophy of whole food and pure food since 1992 during a time when synthetic vitamins and other ingredients were sold as nutrients and supplements.

We have always held to our Pure Planet Promise vs our philosophy, despite public opinion and what might have been said in the news or by experts or doctors. We have always believed that the planet and Mother Nature have worked for countless years to provide those foods to our bodies which are most capable of giving us a long life free from disease.

We Are The Manufacturer

In a world where you need to trust the food you put in your mouth, it’s also good to know that you can trust the people who make that food. As the manufacturer we are able to control each ingredient, from where it comes, its potency and purity. We are a dedicated group of people who seek out, obtain, and educate ourselves about the highest quality whole food ingredients available on the planet and bring them to you in their purest form. We have on site laboratories that allow us to check each ingredient on over 40 different levels. We are a GMP facility which stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition to being a Certified Organic facility under both U.S. and European Standards, we are also a Kosher facility.

Farm To Family

We have been to the farms where our food is grown. We have met with the farmers that produce our food and reviewed their standards. We have educated them on our needs and the qualities that we desire and hold our farmers to those standards. They uphold them with PRIDE. This farm to family relationship allows only a single bridge between the pure and potent whole foods and their being converted to pure raw whole food supplements.

Preserving our Culture

We have a culture of purity. It is based upon the PURE PLANET promise. Our promise dictates that we will never use binders, fillers, excipients, preservatives, additives, coloring agents, artificial flavors, or natural flavors whose origins are unknown. Each and every ingredient is clearly exposed on the label so that you will know exactly what it is you are consuming. This transparency reflects the culture we choose to operate under.

This is the way we believe food was meant to be presented to those who consume it. Our culture is one of building a company and brand that you can trust, so when you make the decision to live and eat better, you know that you have a source of food that you can rely upon.

Protecting our Planet

We believe in minimizing our impact and improving our relationship with the earth. We guarantee that our farmers don’t use pesticides and herbicides. We do not allow radiation or support industries that create and distribute artificial colors and artificial ingredients.

We are sending a clear signal. We say NO to those things that are harming our planet. We provide access to those foods that are grown in such a way that it defends and protects our planet. Pure Planet is committed to the preservation of the earth, to the plants and to the history of those plants.