1) Question: When are our products tested for radiation?

Answer: Geiger counter after the Certificate of Analysis from the supplier. Then they are tested again during production and one last time for safe measure just before bottling.

2) Question: Can you please advise what the allowable lead levels are for both the state of CA and Federal limits? (Proposition 65 Warning)

Answer: The allowable lead limit for California is 0.5ppm/daily serving. The allowable lead limit for Federal is 10ppm/daily serving. We put P65 labels on all products that could potentially exceed the 0.5ppm limit for customers within California, regardless of whether or not the actual batch exceeds California’s limits.

3) Question: What is the tannin amount in the Amla Plus?

Answer: In one serving, there is 0.7168g of tannins or, 716.8mg of tannins

4) Question: What is the vitamin c content in Amla C?

Answer: 1 tablet: 1.87 mg Vitamin C
10 tablets (1 serving): 18.7 mg Vitamin C = 31% DV

5) Question: What temperatures do you process your products at during the dehydration process?

Answer: Our products are processed at 88°F

6) Question: Can I mix any products together and take at once?

Answer: You can mix our products and take them together safely, however for maximum effectiveness they should be taken alone or as suggested on our label we always recommend you consult your health physician prior to the consumption of any new supplement.

7) Question: What is the definition of Raw Foods?

Answer: Raw Foods like live fruits, vegetables, plants, and herbs are unaltered and unprocessed from their natural state and uncooked, which means they are not exposed to heat above 118®F.

8) Question: Are any products Raw?

Answer: Our Activated Barley, Green Kamut, Organic Tropic Oil and Just Barley are raw. The Tart Cherry is flash pasteurized in order to remove surface mold. Our daily fiber blend has 90% or more raw products in it.

9) Question: Are our products safe to use after expired date on the bottle?

Answer: We would always suggest discarding after the expiration date regardless of the product.

10) Question: Are any of your organic ingredients from China?

Answer: We do not source organic ingredients from China

11) Question: Are the Ionic Elements positively or negatively charged?

Answer: Negatively.

12) Question: What part of the plant is used for Pure Planet’s Ginseng products?

Answer: We use the small root and fiber for a non-stimulating adrenal and stress support.