Pure Planet’s Fulvic Zeolite is a blend of zeolite and fulvic acid. Zeolites are a group of micro-porous crystals and minerals with honeycomb structures that have become negatively charged. Pure Planet offers Fulvic Zeolite which activates and mobilizes zeolite through the activity of fulvic acid.

Why we offer Fulvic Zeolite: Negatively charged zeolites are nature’s most effective chelator of heavy metals. Acting as a magnet, they draw positively charged toxins into their matrix and prevent them from entering our bodies. Pure Planet uses a proprietary combination of fulvic acid and zeolite to create a gentle chelator that is easy to use and naturally effective. Not only does this method create the most effectual zeolite, it is also the least invasive on the market and we wanted to make it available to the world.

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